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I have been fascinated and gratified by the responses I’ve received by readers of Soul of the Heel.  My guess is that the comments stimulated by the blog are more interesting than the blog is, but I’ll leave that for others to decide.  In any case these blog publishing sites (I use WordPress.) provide the blogger with more than just the opportunity to hear from the readers.  For example, they can tell how many visitors to the blogsite there have been on a given day.  I can also find out if the reader has arrived at the site through my Facebook page or a Twitter “tweet” or via LinkedIn.  I’m sure that they also have a direct line to the American NSA so, if you’ve been trying to keep the fact that you read this blog a secret, don’t bother.  I can’t imagine they’ll try to use that information against you, unless they need to, of course.

Hard at work at Soul of the Heel global headquarters

Hard at work at Soul of the Heel global headquarters (photo by Jessica Coup)

One of the more enlightening features informs me as to what search engine users have typed in only to find themselves at Soul of the Heel.  Now, I have some idea of how this works–keywords are used by the search engine to find websites where those keywords can be found– but I don’t have the slightest appreciation for the algorithmic process that involves. I’m just glad it works.  Still, there is entertainment to be found in looking at the route some people have taken to find Soul of the Heel and, when I look at the searches they have embarked upon, I can’t conceive how they ended up reading about an American couple trying to make a new life in Puglia.

Now, some of the searches start with a semblance of logic and are variants of Soul of the Heel or PugliaBound (my Twitter handle).  They have included:


scott bergstein heel (must be someone who knows me)

scott bergstein soul (must be someone who doesn’t know me)

heart of the sole scott bergstein (sounds like a recipe for cooking fish innards)

puglia bound blog

Sometimes, just the few keywords got them on the road to Soul of the Heel.

soul of darkness sex photo

youtube fetish heel and the oldest lesbian

how do you take the soul out of heels?

puglia steelers (inexplicable)

italian gang bang puglia (I should Google this one myself.)

escorts puglia sex workers (This one, too.)

And one particular post, “Dirty Laundry,” seems to have produced a disproportionate number of visits to the blog.  These searches include:

wash machine clunking and whirring while spinning

a load of dirty laundry

washing machine whirring on spin cycle

conforama washing machines dryer in swiss prices (note: Conforama is a “big box” store that would remind Americans of a Sears)

breathing problems after sitting on sofa from conforama 

or, one of my personal favorites,

my wife walked by her washer grabbed my head push [sic] me in deep to dirty whites to be washed

Some searches, however, began in places so far from anyplace Soul of the Heel has been or will ever go, I just cannot imagine how they found their way to us.

italian tiles, dog motifs

marisa coffee machines vs via condotti espresso coffee machines

still standing in a neck brace

the bidet shop ny

basilica bari breasts bare

toilet clunk

funnel mounted on a broomstick

pas holdings prostitute

Now, please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining about or being critical of anyone who was lost and now they’re found, having made their, perhaps, circuitous ways to Soul of the Heel.  We welcome all who have become enlightened by the stories of my naiveté, social awkwardness and occasional ineptitude as we try to become a part of the fabric of our Italian town rather than a spot on it.  And, if you have friends that you don’t really care that much for, please recommend that they take a look at Soul of the Heel.  They can get there by typing the following into their search engine:

silly American people


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Jeff Coup

13 February , 2014 at 1:37 am

Keep them coming Scott! Love them all.

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